Conditions of sale


These general conditions of sale are regulated by the Consumer Code (Lgs. Decree no.06/2005) and by the Italian Civil Code. CABLE & SERVICE Srl, with registered headquarters at Via Padre G.A. Filippini, 23 - 00144 Roma, Tax Code and VAT reg. 04443930401, is the owner of the website

2 - OFFER TO THE PUBLIC The products and the prices on the website are an offer to professional users and/or the general public, compliant with the methods stated in the conditions of sale and on the website. The purchase agreements stipulated on the website are made with CABLE & SERVICE Srl

3 -ORDERS Orders are binding and irrevocable as soon as they are received by CABLE & SERVICE Srl through the website In case of online sale, CABLE & SERVICE Srl will send confirmation by email, containing a summary of the items chosen, the prices of same (including delivery charges), the delivery address and the general and particular conditions applicable to the order. The Customer undertakes to check the correctness of the information and to inform CABLE & SERVICE Srl immediately of any corrections to be made, by email to  Any further charges arising from incorrect or insufficient information will be met by the customer.

4 - PRICES AND AVAILABILITY Prices are inclusive of VAT at 22%. All prices stated are subject to variation without prior warning. In spite of the information on our website and the prices published for the items, we cannot rule out any errors to the list prices. This may occur due to typographical errors or for business and/or economic reasons and changes other than those present at the time of calculating the price. On receipt of order, prices will be checked and in case the item should undergo changes to price for the above reason, the customer will be contacted to ensure that they wish to continue with the order at the correct price.   In case of cancellation of the order, after payment has been made (e.g. credit card, PayPal), the customer will be refunded within the following 24 hours. If the price stated on our website is more than the correct retail price, the correct price will be charged and the items will be shipped with refund, if necessary of the extra amount paid. Availability is stated for each item and customers are informed on the time period for the management and shipping of their order. The following options are present on our website: Immediate: the items are available in our warehouse and as of the date of order, the items will be shipped no more than 24 hours or the same day and in any case not before receipt of payment.   5/7/10/15/..working days. The items is not available in our warehouse, but will be promptly ordered from our supplier and will be available for shipping within the time stated, corresponding (under normal conditions) to the required times. However, the time stated is a guide only (especially if they concern items that come from outside Italy), since they depend on the actual availability in stock with our suppliers and any setbacks that are independent of our wishes. Not available. We are not able to provide an exact time frame. The item may be reserved and we can provide a forecast time for delivery as soon as we receive information from our suppliers. In case of used, ex-demo or special offers, the item “not available” means that the item has been sold without any possibility of reservation or reorders. In the event the order includes items in amounts above those in stock,  the additional amount will be issued within the timeframe for reordering (5/7/10/15 days). The customer has the right to request immediate shipping of material available and request a second shipment (on payment) for the missing material.  This condition is clearly stated in the car at the time of order 

5 - METHOD OF PAYMENT. The payment methods accepted are: Advanced bank transfer. In no case will commission be added for payment using credit car or PayPal. 6 - DELIVERY The terms of delivery from the sale agreement are indicative and apply under normal working and procurement conditions; under no circumstances will delays entitle the customer to a refund. The customer or appointed representative od same must be present at the delivery site stated in the contract in order to receive and sign for the goods. The shipping service provided by the courier appointed by Cable & Service Srl is insured with charges paid by the customer.. In the event of theft or damage during transport, Cable & Service Srl are in no way responsible if the shipment is not insured at the express request of the customer. The courier is TNT with a forecast delivery throughout Italy of 24 hours from the date of dispatch, with the exception of the following regions: Calabria, Sicily,Sardinia,Venice and the islands, where delivery requires 48 hours. An advance email will inform of delivery. In case of failure to complete delivery, the customer will be informed by email and a second attempt will be made to complete delivery the next day.  If in this case, the delivery is unsuccessful, the goods will return to the TNT depot in the area, where it will remain for 4 days (during which time the customer may collect it in person or request a further delivery, for which there will be a charge). Goods available in our warehouse will be shipped no later than 24 hours from receipt of the order and in any case, not before receipt of payment. For special deliveries or deliveries in excess of 150 kg, please contact Our courier, TNT has the following rates: € 8.00 for shipments of 1 kg to 3 kg;  € 9.00 for shipments of 3.1 kg  to 5 kg;  € 10.00 for shipments of  5.1 kg  to 10 kg;  € 11.50 for shipments of 10.1 kg to  20 kg;  € 13.00 for shipments of  20.1 kg to 30 kg;  € 15.00 for shipments of 30.1 kg to 40 kg;  € 17.00 for shipments of 40.1 kg to 50 kg;  € 22.00 for shipments of 50.1 kg  to 70 kg;  € 30.00 for shipments of 70.1 kg to 100 kg; € 43.00 for shipments of 100.1 kg to 125 kg; € 46.00 for shipments of 125.1 kg  to 150 kg.  For the following regions: Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, rates are subject to an addition : € 11.00 for shipments of 1 kg to 3 kg;  € 12.00 for shipments of 3.1 kg  to 5 kg;  € 13.00 for shipments of  5.1 kg  to 10 kg;  € 14.50 for shipments of 10.1 kg to  20 kg;  € 16.50 for shipments of  20.1 kg to 30 kg;  € 19.00 for shipments of 30.1 kg to 40 kg;  € 22.00 for shipments of 40.1 kg to 50 kg;  € 29.00 for shipments of 50.1 kg  to 70 kg;  € 40.00 for shipments of 70.1 kg to 100 kg; € 56.00 for shipments of 100.1 kg to 125 kg; € 59.00 for shipments of 125.1 kg  to 150 kg.  Remember that shipping costs cover delivery to street level only and not to upper floors. For different requirements, we recommend contacting our customer service: Couriers do not allow packages to be opened before delivery has been accepted, but it is possible to check the integral condition of the package and inform us of any anomalies with the wording: "Collection with reservation" on the delivery or transport document accompanying the packaged as well as to contact our customer service to inform them of the anomaly. Force majeure: In case of force majeure or accident, we will no longer be responsible for delayed or non-delivery and we will have the right to terminate the sales agreement wholly or in part, or to suspend or delay performance of same.