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A range of lockable multipin connectors widely used in the audio industry, also known as EDAC 516 series connectors. They are fully interchangeable with ELCO 8016 series connectors. Available in 5 sizes, indicated by the maximum number of contact pins that can be accommodated - 20 , 38, 56, 90 and 120. Only the number of pins needed to carry the circuits need to be used, and the user can also set the bias to avoid mismatching. The connectors are supplied in component form and all parts must be ordered separately.
Cable types are designated as plug ("male" - MC) or receptacle ("female" FC) and have a drive screw. Panel / frame types are designated as plug type ("male" - MP) or socket type ("female" - FP) and have a lock nut. (Note that the housings are similar, so drive screw types can be panel mounted and lock nut types can be cable mounted, although this use is less common.) All connector bodies are made of high impact polycarbonate.

Unit of measure PZ
Availability 5 working days
Manufacturer EDAC

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