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Single-conductor cable used mainly for connecting unbalanced musical instruments. This cable provides superior performance, thanks to its special double shield that provides excellent insulation from various noises that can be generated, offering flexibility and high temperature resistance at the same time.

D.C.R. at 20°C Conductor <= 78 ohm/km
Shield <= 50 ohm/km

Capacitance CDR/CDR 1 KHz
CDR/SCR 1 KHz 130 pF/m

Nominal Impedance 1 KHz 360 ohm/100 m
Attenuance 1 KHz 0.25 db/100 m
Induttance < 16 ìH/100 m

Cable O.D. mm 6.00 mm
Standard reels 100 m
Weight 3.50 Kg/100 m
Operating temperature -5° C/+70° C

Jacket Material PVC
Nom. Thick. 1.7mm

Shield Material Conductive graphite + Spiral bare copper shield
Coverage 100% + 95%

Conductor Qty 1
Strand 30 x 0.10 mm
Area/AWG 0.22 mm2/24
Insul. O.D. 1.70 mm
Material Bare copper polyethylene insulated
Unit of measure MT
Availability 5 working days
Manufacturer Eurocable

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