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Compact size together with braided shielding and the usual strength that makes Mogami stand out, make this cable particularly suited to use on stage, in TV, broadcasting etc. It serves in all of those situations where there are continued movements and significant details. Even at very low temperatures (-20°) it won’t lose its flexibility. It consists of 105 bare annealed copper strands (44AVG) with an extraordinarily durable flex life.

No. of Conductor 2
Conductor 105/0.05 A
Size(mm²) 0.206mm² (#24 AWG)
Insulation Ov. Dia.(mm) 1.5Ø (0.059")
Material XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
Colors Red / Clear
Shield Braid 0.10A/9/16
Jacket Ov. Dia.(mm) 5.5Ø (0.217")
Material Flexible PVC
Colors Black
Roll Sizes 50m (164 Ft)
100m (328Ft)
200m (656Ft)
Weight per 200m 9kg

Unit of measure MT
Availability 5 working days
Manufacturer Mogami

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