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Like for the analog multicore cable, the 8-channel digital version AES/EBU 110 Ohm is designed to provide maximum compactness and flexibility for easy use in cabling and installation . Thanks to the insulation in polypropylene and the larger size of the conductor we have a lower attenuation. It also offers the exceptional characteristics that are similar to the analog version. Easy identification of the cable core, which is numbered. Easy wiring, assisted by wire in the same size as the conductor. Characterised by low temperature and good flexibility. 8-channel cable - O.D. 13.8 (0.543) - Jacket Thickness 1.4 (0.055)

Conductor: 7/0.20A (0.22mm²) #24AWG (7×#32AWG)
Insulation: 1.35ØCPP (Cellular polypropylene) (0.053")
Drain Wire: 7/0.20A (Exactly same as conductor)
Shield: Approx. 79/0.10A Served (Spiral) Shield
Jacket (covering): 3.2Ø Flexible PVC (0.126"Ø)
Identification: Similar to analog snake cable

DC Resistance at 20°C :
Inner Pair Cond. 0.081 / m (0.0247O / Ft)
Shield 0.024 / m (0.0073 / Ft)
Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C: 46pF/m(14pF/Ft)
(effective capacitance value between inner twin)
Inductance: 0.8µH/m (0.24µH/Ft)
Characteristic Imperdance: 110O ± 10%
Attenuation (6MHz): 0.065dB / m (0.020db / HUF)
Phase Constant (6MHz): 0.17rad/m
Electrostatic Noise*: 5.0mV Max.
Electromagnetic Noise at 10kHz*: 2.0mV Max.
Microphonics *: 60mV
Voltage Breakdown: Must withstand at DC 500V/15sec
Insulation Resistance at DC 125V, 20°C: 10000 M Ohm × m Min.
Tensile Strength of one Core: 303N
Emigration: Non-Emigrant to ABS resin
Applicable Temperature: -20°C+70°C(-4°F +158°F)
AES3-100X(ANSI S.4.40-199X)
EBU Rech. 3250-E
CEI/IEC 958/CCIR Rec. 647
UL13 CL2X 60°C / UL20002 AWM 30V 60°C VW-1
Unit of measure MT
Availability 7 working days
Manufacturer Mogami

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