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VIABLUE™ NF-S6 AIR RCA silver analog cable is our audio cable of reference for your first-class listening experience. Specifically designed to transmit analog signals, NF-S6 AIR cables provide a clear, natural and perfectly rounded sound. All frequencies are rendered in great detail, true to the original. NF-S6 AIR’s unique structure includes an Air Pipe system that creates an air-filled space at the centre of 12 conductors. _x000D_ These conductors form a perfect circle around an air pipe.. This set-up provides full separation of the conductors, which then constitutes the base for quick, full signal transmission that is true to the original. The result is that there are no temporary interruptions to electrical charges, the so-called capacity, inside the cable. The Air Pipe system also prevents inductance, and unwanted magnetic fields. The result is the quick, pure transmission of all signals and full sound patterns.

Transmission of analog signals with a natural and perfectly well rounded sound
•2x 6 signal conductors consiting of each 19 silver-plated OFC copper strands

6 shields: 100% interference free
•3 ALU-PET golden, concealed foil shields
•3 contra-rotating tinned OFC copper spiral shields

Our guarantee for a first-class and wide range listening experience
•VIABLUE™ Airpipe System with 23 airpipes
•Low capacity of approx. 93 pF/m
•Complete and fast signal transmission
•No disturbing temporary hold of electrical charges within the cable

Additional features:
•Soft banding and satin matt cable sheath

Technical specifications
•Outer Ø 16.5 mm
•both unsymmetrical (RCA) and symmetrical (XLR) utilisable
•Finishing: silvered / tinned
•Capacity: conductor: 93 pF/m
•Play-in time: approx. 25 hours

Unit of measure MT
Availability 10 working days
Manufacturer Viablue

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