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Viablue power cables supply “clean2 power to your audio and video equipment. The double shield with 100% aluminium laminated foil and 93% copper, protect against interference from electromagnetic sources and radiofrequencies, guaranteeing a clean. crystal clear sound. The power cable OD is 13 mm, while maintaining elasticity and flexibility. VDE certified VIABLUE ™ X-Series for maximum performance • 100% thanks to the shield with braid and aluminium foil • Silver-plated copper strands, 3 strands • Excellent hold thanks to double-screw strain relief

Technical specifications
• Outer Ø X-25: 12.5 mm
• Outer Ø X-40: 14.0 mm
• Outer Ø X-60: 16.5 mm
• Conductor cross section X-25: 3x 2.5 mm²
• Conductor cross section X-40: 3x 4.0 mm²
• Conductor cross section X-60: 3x 6.0 mm²
• Isolation resistance: > 20 MOhm x KM
• Test voltage: 3000 Volts

Unit of measure MT
Availability 10 working days
Manufacturer Viablue

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