Warranty conditions

All new products purchased from www.cablocustom.com are covered by the manufacturer’s or importer’s warranty. The WARRANTY only covers the hardware parts and therefore, the repair or replacement, free of charge, of those components or parts of the equipment recognised by their manufacturer as defective in terms of material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover accidental damage or damage resulting from loss, failure to use the product, or loss of information stored by the customer, in any form whatsoever.  No responsibility is accepted for any damage that may, either directly or indirectly, be caused to people, property or animals as a result of failure to abide by the instructions provided in the relevant manuals and specifically, warnings concerning the INSTALLATION, USE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE EQUIPMENT.   The WARRANTY will only apply to all those who, having made a purchase, present the certificate provided in the packaging (where present), the original packaging, and above all, the purchase invoice (or receipt in the case of non-business customers) in the original copy, to Proaudio Srl (as owner of the Cablocustom brand and the website www.cablocustom.com), subsequent to authorisation, and together with the product submitted for repair. For individual customers, i.e., those who purchase items for non-business use, the warranty period is 2 years. For those purchasing with VAT registration number, the warranty period is 1 year. This is with the exception of any extensions to the warranty period issued directly by the manufacturer. The warranty DOES NOT APPLY to damage caused through neglect, incorrect use or installation that DO NOT COMPLY with the warnings and instructions in the instruction or installation manual, from incorrect use, abuse, deterioration, lightning, the elements, overvoltage and overcurrent, insufficient or irregular power, adaptation or modification, or damage caused by incorrect use or CONTRARY TO THE TECHNICAL AND/OR SAFETY MEASURES REQUIRED IN THE COUNTRY OF EQUIPMENT USE. The customer will no longer be entitled to cover under warranty in the event of failure to report the conformity defect within two months of the date on which the fault was discovered. The warranty can be activated at  Cable & Service Srl (proprietor of the Cablocustom brand and the website www.cablocustom.com). For products that are delivered not in full working order, a different procedure is applied, known as DOA. To activate the procedure (DOA), it is necessary to report the problem no more than 2 days from receipt of the items. The service can be applied by writing an email to customerservice@cablocustom.com. Based on availability of the item at the time, Proaudio Srl (proprietor of the Cablocustom brand and the website www.cablocustom.com) will replace the item or credit the amount  to the customer for use against future purchases. In any case, the item will be replaced no later than 30 days from the notification.

DOA goods must be returned by express courier service, to the address that will be provided to the customer, following the procedures below:

1 Use a stiff box that can hold all of the original package (unless authorised otherwise);

2 The original packaging must be free from any writing and unbroken;

3 The pack must be complete with all the accompanying material, including any internal protection.